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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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to see a small slice of this movement across california. not going to see long-standing periods of temperatures at 32 and below. no freeze warnings watches ors or advisories issued. temperatures will be dropping down. not the freezing mark. but 44 in walnut creek. 44 in -- danville 46. what we're waiting on is this upper level storm system. not major rainfall. we think over the next three mornings it's going to be blustery out there. winds 15 to 20 miles per hour and temperatures that will range anywhere from 27 to 42 degrees. with that storm system coming in and that wind there is a wind advisory for the entire bay area from noon tomorrow until noon on wednesday. biggest concern with the weather with winds that could hit 40 miles per hour. could have power outages and downed trees. we're tracking a specific timeline on this.
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we'll have that in 15 minutes. thanks jeff. there's a potential danger for those whose new years resolution include exercise. if you don't prepare for the cold you could do more harm than good. marianne favro is here on what you need to know about the big chill and your pets. maryan. >> reporter: i'm here at the trail and there are a lot of people walking dogs. you can hear one right now. but you need to think your cat will be able to handle this cold weather. veterinarians we talked to today said they're more vulnerable to the cold than we are. >> our pets are our best friends. when temperatures dip into the 30s and 40s, they need a little extra tlc. if you have a small breed dog or a dog with short hair or a thinner, older dog or a dog with an underlying medical condition, it's better for them to be inside.
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they're more prone to hypothermia. >> she recommends up let your dog or cat sleep indoors. limit their time on the cold ground. they lose a lot of heat through their feet and their paws can become dry and cracked. don't forget to bundle up yourself, especially if you exercise in the cold. at this clinic doctors recommend you take a warm shower before you work out and stretch using a foam roller. that's because cold, tight muscles are more susceptible to injury. be sure to drink plenty of water even if you're not thirsty. >> you don't feel the dehydration as. because it's winter. it can cause cramps and if you're pushing through that you're going to have injuries. >> he said when you do stretch to warm up start exercising right away. otherwise, you'll lose the muscle warming benefits of your stretch in the cold weather. >> he recommends that on really cold mornings you work out inside to reduce risk of injury.
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reporting live in los gatos, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. thank you. the recent rains turned a bay area transit project into a mess. a muddy mess. in ten minutes, we'll take you to the project that's on hold in the north bay. the cold sets in be sure to download the nbc bay area smartphone. you can get personalized forecasting along with the radar. it's free for apple iphone and android users. the end of an era. the two men who run the 49ers explain why they cut ties with the successful coach, jim harbaugh. he appears to have moved on quickly. this picture was snapped of the coach arriving in michigan where there are reports he has signed a contract to become the next coach for the university of michigan. his alma mater. we have live team coverage tonight. we look at whose names are being thrown around for -- robert han da is at the stadium on what
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they're saying about the decision to part ways with harbaugh. robert? >> reporter: you can tell many people in the 49ers organization are getting weary about analyzing jim harbaugh's departure, especially now that it's a done deal. today the team president and general manager were also a little reluctant to talk about who will take harbaugh's place. 49ers cleaned out their lockers and spoke about jim harbaugh as well as looking to a future without him. for vernon davis who went through the process before harbaugh it's a bit of deja vu. >> our identity in the beginning before harbaugh even got here, we were pretty much nothing. we were building we were trying to climb and just trying to get somewhere. he came in and he helped change the dynamic. >> while most players stayed clear of commenting on a replacement.
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davis suggested not straying too far from the harbaugh model. >> well, he's going to have everything that jim harbaugh had. because he was good. he was really good. >> president jed york and general manager trent ball ki tnt seem inclined to follow his suggestion but praised harbaugh cautiously. >> the bottom line is the relationship between the general manager and the head coach have to be in sync. >> york pointed out his uncle, eddie dee bartolo didn't find walsh -- >> my uncle swung and missed many times. i've had great conversations with him about making sure you get the right group of people and the people that understand what you want as an organization. >> reporter: the two men at the top will use whatever time it takes to make the right fit. it will be their process and it will not be a transparent process. live in santa clara, robert handa. bay area news. the question now, who could be the niners next head coach?
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jerrod? >> reporter: janelle, that is a huge question. they need to hit a home run on the selection of the 49ers head coach. you don't reach three straight nfc championship games in four years by accident. csn bay 49ers insider, matt maiocco has more. >> well there are two viable candidates already on the staff. jim tomorrowsula is the defensive line coach and dick fangio will get support from the locker room. he's done a good job in that role. the 49ers will cast a wide net so they will search the league. they know that they already have two pretty good candidates in their back pocket who they feel comfortable could be the coach in 2015. now, the list of possible candidates outside the 49ers family is distinguished, patriots offensive coordinator josh mcdaniels a one time head
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coach of the broncos. seattle, dan quinn, arizona offensive coordinator, todd bowles. denver offensive coordinator add aum guys and kyle shanahan from the cleveland browns. >> i think what made bill walsh so successful is that he was a great teacher. whether that was players or whether that was other coaches. >> coming up later in sports you'll hear more from the 49er players on the disappointing season, the departure of harbaugh and where the organization is headed as they cleaned out their lockers today. >> thanks, geraud. >> take a look at this. can you see the problem on the picture. the image on the front of the newspaper isn't jim harbaugh who is going to michigan. it's his brother john harbaugh the coach of the baltimore ravens. >> whoops. >> just into the newsroom now, 16 state firefighters are on paid leave following allegations they were involved in a sex
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tape. the investigation stems from the hunt for the cal fire chief, orville fleming. authorities tracked him down in may on charges that he killed his 26-year-old girlfriend, a former escort. at the time fleming's ex-wife learned that there was also video of that girlfriend having sex with firefighters on fire trucks. cal fire officials say they never found a tape but the 16 firefighters now on paid leave are being accused of violating unrelated policies. the result of that investigation are expected next week. the house fire in san jose's evergreen area left a family dog dead. started before 9:00 at a born and quimby roads. everyone inside was able to get out safely including her son who jumped out. >> i opened the door when i saw all the smoke and barking in there. i could not get in. i turned around and i saw my son jumping down from the window on the top. >> she had just gotten home.
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firefighters say the blaze started on the first floor and spread upstairs. it's unclear what caused the fire which ended up damaging most of the house and a car parked outside. again, nobody was hurt. it's been a tough kay day for st. mary's. it's mourning the death of the beloved vice principal who was involved in a fatal accident while cycling over the weekend. annette miles an hour dan joining us from the berkeley campus where people have been laying flowers and other mementos all day long. >> nannette? >> reporter: his career was on the rise. he had just accepted a new job in napa as principal off his own school. this was not the goodbye that people envisioned. >> the st. mary's college high school community didn't think they'd see each other until after the winter break. but the loss of their vice principal, herman chum is bringing them back together a week early. since he was here for 11 years students alumni and tharp
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parents came to pay their respects. >> it's really hard because he was such a bright person. always smiling. very, very very in tune with his students. >> he and dozens of other cyclists were riding on this rural road near livermore saturday morning when the chp said the 40-year-old probably swerved to void a collision, fell on to oncoming traffic and was hit by a water truck. his co-workers say cycling was a passion of his. >> this is a cruel twisted thing. the shock becomes grief and that's why we're gathering in the community today to just kind of hold on to each other. >> it's always very important for all the cyclists to recognize, you can never cross the yellow line. i'm sure he had nowhere to go. >> he was known to be the sheriff on campus dishing out tough love but compassion that's why he'll be missed so dearly. sue graham made a special gift to leave at his memorial. >> every child has their freckles. and that's what makes them
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unique and different. herman chum just appreciated every child for who they were and helped them to be a better person. >> reporter: the school doesn't know yet what it will do without him. he is considered irreplaceable bus he did so many jobs here. live in berkeley, nanette miranda miranda, bay area news. definitely a difficult time there. more travelers are using the south bay airport. the thanksgiving holiday is a big reason behind the increase. passenger traffic up 7% compared to the same time last year. the airport served more than 770,000 passengers in november. around 125 flights depart or arrive in san jose every day. getting around the bay area on new year's eve should be easier and more convenient. cal train said today that extra trains will run until 2:15 in the morning on new year's eve and rides will be free.
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it's putting more trains on the track and extending the weekday schedule until 3:00 in the morning. in the south bay, it will be free to ride after 8:00 on new year's eve. service will run until 5:00 a.m. on the vta. rethinking the smart train. i'm mark matthews. we'll show you which part of the north bay's rapid transit needs to be reengineered. the story coming up. plus a wild chase through the east bay and the unlikely vehicle involved. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. in the time lapse today. a little bit of cloud cover here but we mainly finished out with blue sky that's helping temperatures to drop right now. coldest number los gatos at 39 degrees. we'll tell you when the colder weather arrives in a few minutes.
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the driver of a newspaper delivery van led police on a strange chase across the bay today. our nbc helicopter caught the end of the chase this morning. police say it started when two men stole a delivery van in the bayview district. police chased that van all the way down the peninsula, across the san mateo hayward bridge into downtown san leandro. eventually the van was stopped near a park. officers arrested one man. when they stopped the van and another in a nearby creek. police say they could face several charges including attempting to assault an officer because the driver tried to hit an officer with the van during the police chase. the search is on for two armed men after a home invasion robbery in san francisco. happened about 3:00 this morning on cam bone drive, not far from the san francisco state university. the men, both in their 20s, tied up two male victims at gunpoint who had been sleeping when they broke in. the suspects took off with a
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bike, wallet and cell phones. nobody was hurt. a peninsula neighborhood is being extra cautious tonight as a mountain lion continues to lurk around. a couple in hills borough first spotted it when it attacked a deer. now it's back and hanging around their house they say. wildlife officials and police have been alerted but they haven't found the mountain lion yet which tend to make nightly trips to their roof to hunt. >> you can hear this tremendous pounce on the roof. it's a very nerve racking situation to put it mildly. >> the couple is now working on spreading the word around their neighborhood to be extra careful at night and to make sure your pets are safe. a surfer who had a frightening encounter with a shark this weekend is back home. officials say kevin swanson was released from the hospital today. he was surfing near san luis obispo when a shark swam to him and pulled him down.
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he was below the water for several seconds then he surfaced yelling out, shark attack and began paddling for shore. the beach is still open but warning signs are posted. new at 6:00 $13 million, that's how much damage marin county is dealing with from the recent rain storms. even though it's no longer raining, new damage is coming to light. the newest discovery, delaying work on the so-called smart train in san rafael. mark matthews is live with what with the flooding did to the foup dags of the project. >> reporter: the sonoma marin area rail transit or smart train will have a station here at civic center drive and mcginnis parkway. but the work that was supposed to be here on that station this week had to be pushed back. this is where the smart train station will be along civic center drive in san rafael. a week ago, looked more like a
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big muddy pool. >> spokeswoman for smart says work had to stop for several days. >> so the rains did have an impact on our construction. >> the board of directors were told that this spot and others may need to be reengineered with the amount of rain that fell this december. >> we're going to reevaluate and make sure we have the proper drainage in place. >> the reevaluation and reengineering could take months. >> if we need to reevaluate that, it may take weeks or months. we don't anticipate any delays on opening. >> the $428 million smart train will connect the santa rosa airport with the ferry terminal in larksburg. for the moment however, some of the construction has been sidetracked by the same storms that touched off landslides and flooding all over the bay area. two weeks later, we're still tallying up the impact. supporters of the train say it will eventually connect cloverdale with the san francisco ferry building.
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critics long claimed that the train is a boondoggle. but that train has long since left the station. it's slated to begin at the end of 2016. reporting from marin, mark matthews nbc bay area news. mark thanks a lot. let's get to the micro climate forecast for you. chilly windy here's jeff ranieri. >> you got it. the next couple of days, we'll crank things up april bit. we'll add another layer of cold. the network, mainly clear skies, cloud cover as well streaming on by. some high level clouds. temperatures for the most part in the 50s like in the south bay. peninsula is 52. already dipping to the 40s in the try valley and also the north bay. 6:19 right now. he have we have another 12 to 14 hours of cooling for the most part. we'll be dipping into the 30s for the morning. we'll expect that sunny skies for tomorrow. temperatures staying on the cool side. not too much of a difference. 51 for the high in the north
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bay. 54. no doubt, jacket weather heading into tuesday. i'll take you to the next thing. we're tracking a storm system. you should be able to leave the umbrella in the backside of the car. i don't think you'll need that. a storm system is moving from the north to the south. it's devoid of any kind of moisture source. it's moving in from the pacific scooping up all that moisture as it moves into california. so no rainfall but as it moves down to the north, it's going to drag down arctic air from canada. that's going to help to bring the numbers down quite a bit. it's also going to produce wind as well. northeast 15 to 30 miles per hour. that may bring down some trees. overall, the cold would be on wednesday morning. that's when some of the inland valleys could go as low as the 20s. for the coastline, anywhere from. to had 2 degrees. you want to dress in layers, bring the sensitive plants in and take care of the pets. you want to make sure they have a nice warm place to go too. weather trend the next couple of
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days, we'll keep it sunny throughout tuesday, wednesday thursday also for the peninsula and no large fruk wagss in those temperatures for those -- fluctuations for the daytime highs. it's all about the morning lows starting off cold. more details in about 25 minutes, you guys. jeff thanks a lot. still ahead. takeout trouble. what could impact your next meal. what a local lawmaker is doing to keep some drivers off the roadway.
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the fire and smoke from the chevron refinery is being investigated by contra costa health services. it's working hand in hand with the department as investigators look into the flaring back on december 18th. reports say a section in the refinery had to be dee pressurized and shut down. that led to flaring which went on for three hours. they'll review which actions
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were appropriate and will have weekly meetings for updates in that investigation. san jose is finally taking a long awaited step. a ban on styrofoam use. starting on new year's day, nearly all restaurants have to operate without using styrofoam food containers. it will affect about 500 businesses in the city. it puts them in line where the ban is already in place. it's a move to keep drunk drivers off the road. state senator jerry hill introduced a bill requiring ignition interlock devices or iids. those are the gadgets that attach to your car before starting the engine. convicted drunk drivers are not required right now to have them installed. but state senator jerry hill wants to change that. >> families are devastated by this. still, we allow it. i don't want to say we don't condone it. but the penalty is not severe enough. >> if approved, first-time dui
6:25 pm
offenders have to have an iid for six months. one year for the second dui and three years for the fourth. >> not so fast. a statewide ban may have met its match. >> a growing rift. new york police officers take a new stand against the city's mayor. bay area technology ready to help search for a plane. i'm scott budman. up next, the power of satellite.
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we are tracking developing news. the search for the missing airasia airliner. there's late word that a california cal-based naval ship it helping hunt for the plane. it was deployed in the western pacific but received a call from the u.s. pacific command ordering it to head to the area where flight 8501 disappeared from radar. the airbus 320 was on the way from indonesia to singapore this weekend when it requested a change of course due to poor weather. minutes later, the jet lost contact with air traffic controllers, vanishing without a trace over the waters of indonesia. search teams believe it crashed into the java sea. so far, there's no sign of that plane. searchers spotted two oily patches and floating objects in separate locations. but at this point they don't believe the objects are linked to the aircraft. they plan to expand the search on to land and the growing questions about awe jetliner
6:29 pm
vanishes. >> we don't really want to speculate until we find the aircraft. we know what went wrong, we'll look into it what we need to improve if we need to improve. >> 152 people on board. none believed to be americans. dozens of vessels from several countries have joined in the search effort. now, what are the key tools they used in the search is a -- it's not even on earth it's technology developed right here in silicon valley. sot budman joins us live with that part of the story. >> good evening, janelle. as technology and satellites has improved through the years, so has the ability to track individual objects like planes. much of that technology has been made here in the bay area. >> as the search effort gets more desperate, silicon valley technology is being asked to help. specifically satellite. including those built here in
6:30 pm
palo alto. >> satellites are used frequently in emergency situations. >> that's ssl's -- even those hovering 20,000 above the earth can hone in on signals coming from planes. >> a lot of airplanes are transmitting a lot more maintenance data over satellites especially over the ocean. there's definitely a lot of information that can be collected. >> as people ask, how is it that we have so much trouble finding missing planes. some point out that technology on both ends have to be functioning for the search to work. >> the storms affected the technology and the aircraft and it interrupted the autopilot. the flying aircraft at the time. the pilots unable to maintain control of the aircraft and went down. >> ssl says it feels for the families involved and hopes it can lend the search a high tech helping hand. >> we do have a tremendous sense
6:31 pm
of pride that we can provide some assistance and service. it happens frequently that a satellite that isn't intended for that specific service is deployed and provides emergency services and recovery. >> moving through space, while trying to find something down here. at this typical satellite made by ssl can scan roughly a third of the earth's surface, now being asked to help track a single plane. back to you. thanks so much scott. an airasia magazine article may come back to haunt the airline. back in april, the company wrote about the pilot's training and preparation for the inflight magazine. it read rest assured that your captain is well prepared to ensure that your plane will never get lost. have a safe flight. after the malaysia airlines vanished without a trace in march, the article was heavily criticized by passengers. airasia pulled the magazine from
6:32 pm
their planes and apologized saying the story was written before the malaysia mystery began. a month later that aircraft still has not been found. more than 450 ferry passengers were pulled from a burning ferry between albania and italy today. the crisis isn't over yet. while the passengers were rescued. at least ten people are confirmed dead and that death toll may climb, because it's unclear if the passenger manifest is correct. that manifest says 478 passengers and crew members were aboard the vessel. some rescued were not even listed on the manifest. they're working to resolve the discrepancy. ebola reached the united kingdom. a medical worker tested positive in scotland. the person just arrived from sierra leone and was diagnosed with the early stages of the deadly virus.
6:33 pm
the ebola cases in west africa have passed the 20,000 mark with more than 7800 killed by that virus. the lapd is trying to determine if their officers were the target of an unprovoked attacked. it's an area plagued by gang violence. the officers were not injured. one of the officers actually fired back. one of the suspects was later arrested and the other is on the loose. this comes two weeks after two new york city police officers were shot and killed while sitting in their patrol car. new york city's mayor gets booed while speaking at an nypd graduation ceremony. >> boos mingled with applause as mayor bill de blasio took the podium you at the graduation. no one turned their backs to de blasio as he spoke. as many had done during the weekend at the funeral of one of the murdered officers. many officers blame the mayor for -- protesters against
6:34 pm
police. >> we ask you to selflessly protect others but it's our job to protect you. >> the mayor went on to thank the officers for helping total strangers. a warning from president obama to republicans tonight who are set to take over both chambers of the congress next month. he's vowing to veto any legislation with policies in health care, environmental regulations and key measures like government spending. the republicans have a majority not the numbers needed to override a presidential veto. so far, president obama vetoed two bills during his terms. that's likely to change in the next two years. they are going to be in a position in which they have to show that they can responsibly govern given that they have sigma jort-- majorities in both chambers. border security expected to set part of the tone in the new year. breathing normally again.
6:35 pm
that's what doctors say about former president george h.w. bush. the former president was admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath. the 90-year-old's breathing has improved but he'll remain at the hospital tonight. this isn't the first time he's been hospitalized. a few years ago he was treated for two months after coming down with bronchitis. coming up access denied. the country cracking down on e-mail and what might be behind the move. is the honeymoon over? gas prices set to surge in states. a dream wedding interrupted by the president. why the reason is causing controversy.
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drivers seeing sinking gas prices shouldn't get too comfortable. prices are expected to go back up again. the next phase of the climate change law goes into effect on thursday. it calls for reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector. in other words on all drivers who use gas. it's unclear how much gas prices will increase. energy economists estimate it will be likely around ten cents a gallon. opponents of california's plastic bag ban have submitted nearly one million signatures hoping to overturn the ban. they were sent to the secretary of state to be verified. if enough signatures are valid, the secretary of state can suspend the law that can go in effect in july and order a new measure for the 2016 ballot. environmentalists who support the bag ban believe the current law will prevail. >> at the end of the day, if there's a vote on this proposal then bring it on.
6:39 pm
i mean we're not afraid of a statewide vote on the bag ban. we know the public supports this and are confident we can prevail at the election. >> the group that gathered the signatures had to gather 500,000 signatures by today. it's led by groups for lobby for plastic bag manufacturers. >> tonight the president is apologizing to two newlyweds after his tee time forced them to move their wedding. army captains and her now husband had planned to marry sunday on the 16th green on the marine base hawaii golf course. but the night before they were told the wedding needed to be moved because the president was going to be golfing there. he was going to be playing through. when the president heard, he called to apologize. the golf says it moved the wedding to an even nicer spot. >> an upgrade. >> than that? >> is that --
6:40 pm
>> it's butteeautiful in hawaii right now. nothing like here. where it's freezing. >> the last thing you want to do is head to the beach in this weather. we'll talk more about how low those numbers will go in 15 minutes. the inspiring story from one of the rose parade floats. back in a moment.
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a question many social media companies are trying to answer. how to make their product profitable? often the answer is targeted ads. pinterest will start letting companies buy advertising space. it will feature ads and users feeds whether or not they follow the companies. advertisers will have the option to track paid posts and target
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specific pinterest audiences. many people think it's rude but a common sight. the cell phone on the dinner table. new information if you're a parent. it might not be a good idea. boston university researchers studies how mothers interacted with children when they kept their smartphone on the table during meals. mothers with 6-year-old children. they believe a similar affect can be found with children of all ages. four days and counting is how long g-mail has been down in china. it's offered by google. anyone in china trying to check inboxes aren't getting through. that's one of the many services that have been heavily disrupted by the country since june. google isn't the first to be censored by china. facebook has long been banned. government officials are denying any knowledge of the g-mail block. new at 6:00, crews are putting the finishing touches on floats for the annual new year's day rose parade in pasadena.
6:44 pm
roses of nearly every color being attached to the floats that will be sure to wow the crowds. anybody heading to the parade bring your coat. temperatures expected to be near freezing. the theme for the parade this year is "inspiring stories." one volunteer certainly lives up to that. >> 33-year-old dustin plunkett is one of dozens volunteers helping to build a float for the parade. it showcases the special olympics world games that will be held in los angeles next year. >> if this is long you can clip it. >> he isn't just a volunteer. he's the global ambassador for the games and will ride on the float thursday morning. he's been honored by president obama and he travels the world telling the inspiring story about how special olympics changed his life. >> i'm around people that are just like me. i'm around people that were bullying and ridiculed every day
6:45 pm
of their life growing up. this is our safe place. >> athletes like dustin have to pass a medical exam in order to compete in the games. in his case that exam may have saved his life. >> i was diagnosed with gum cancer. if it went one month longer i wouldn't be alive today. >> kaiser permanente is providing 400 volunteer medical professionals to care for the competitors when they arrive in l.a. >> we're talking athletes from all over the world. >> dustin will ride on the float sitting next to 1960 olympic gold medalist ray ford nelson. >> it will be an experience for me. first time at the rose parade first time riding on a float. one of the greatest times in my life. >> he's an inspiration. i'm going to watch for him on the float. >> good for a lot of people too. let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri right now. we've talked about the winds and
6:46 pm
the cold. so when is it getting here? >> next 24 hours. you know the announcers doing the rose parade will be bundled up like it's back in the east coast. it's rare to get 30. we think it will be 38, 39 degrees for the morning hours. the sky camera network check it out. numbers checking out at this hour across the east bay. an average of 48 degrees. for the north bay, 45. no doubt, 30s in both locations for tonight throughout the south bay. it's chilly but not as cold. hopefully, you had a great christmas, nice chanukah. you can see -- we have christmas in the park going on. looks like a nice night for that. let's look at the big time changes. we're tracking the storm system. no umbrella needed. as this drops down it will be devoid of major moisture. it's moving over the land. it's having a hard time picking up anything from the pacific. as it moves here continually to
6:47 pm
the south over the next 24 hours, we are going to see that wind pick up all across the bay area. not just for the hills above 1,000 feet. widespread gusty winds. 3:00 to 9:00 for tomorrow. on top of the wind the second component will be the chill. not for the interior valleys of the north bay. our temperature ranges for the coast. by the way, 37 to 42 degrees. for the interior valleys of the northeast and south bay, temperatures will likely range 27 to 36 degrees. i don't think the cold weather will cause too many problems across the bay area. it's really going to begin to be a problem with that wind. after that historic rainfall we've had in december, you add 20 to 30 mile per hour wind gusts and we could see more trees, more power outages. not too bad. about 20 miles per hour. by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, it begins to ramp up in marin and napa and -- napa also santa rosa. throughout tuesday evening,
6:48 pm
that's when things begin to pick up. we may have a few gusts in the north bay. napa about 40. from tuesday night right through wednesday, that's going to be that long duration wind event here where we may get power outages. we may not get relief in the wind department here until about 3:00 p.m. on thursday. so, again, about a day and a half of the gusty winds across the bay area. when it comes to the cold temperatures, that second part of that storm system it's going to be dropping down. but we're not going to see numbers in teens. i think the coldness weather will be in the north bay. napa 27 degrees by wednesday morning. wednesday morning is going to be the coldest of this event. livermore, 28 degrees. san jose 24. san francisco 39. a lot of locations dropping anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees where we should be on morning lows. let's take you to the micro climate forecast heading throughout tuesday. no big deal by the afternoon. sure, it will be on the chilly side. but sunny skies across the bay. san jose 54 degrees. for morgan hill, 53.
6:49 pm
focus in on the white highlighted number. that's the overnight low. some of the coldest weather in the south bay tomorrow morning, morgan hill with 35. for the peninsula, palo alto dropping to 40. san francisco, similar to mid-40s. the north bay, east bay and tri-valley tri-valley, the north bay will have the coldest weather. tomorrow morning, 34 in santa rosa. expecting 33 into napa. the tri-valley mid to upper 30s for you. the next five days is stays dry in terms of the weather pattern. sunny skies, highs in the 50s. cold overnight lows are probably wondering, still for new year's what can we expect. it will be chilly and clear skies. for fireworks celebrations it's going to be great. need to find somebody to bundle up with. the new year's kiss always goes off. if you didn't bring somebody maybe you can snag somebody. just saying. >> you're setting people up. >> matchmaker. >> you are. i like that. >> i like the way he thinks.
6:50 pm
from the bay area to ann arbor. jim harbaugh. look at how the headlines are being received.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
try to figure this out. geraud joining us now. i guess there was a philosophical difference that caused jim harbaugh to split with the 49ers. could you explain that to us in detail right now?
6:53 pm
>> you know what terry and janelle, that's the big question. how did this happen? it probably shouldn't have happened. it was the press conference 49ers fans waited for because they wanted an explanation. why is jim harbaugh no longer their head coach. what they got was ceo jedd york and ted ball being trying to sell us. >> this wasn't jim saying i don't want to be there i'm leaving, it was a discussion that took place over a decent amount of time to figure out what is bs for everybody involved. jim and i have had conversations since he's been here. -- probably the last two to three -- we talked about different opportunities. we came to the conclusion best for us to go in different directions. >> this isn't a rebuild situation. this is a reload situation. got a lot of confidence in this team. the players in that locker room.
6:54 pm
we're going to need to make adjustments. multiple sources are reporting that jim harbaugh signed his decision at michigan. here he is arriving at a hotel before his press conference. his former players not shy about saying what they want in their next head coach. he's going to have pretty much everything that jim harbaugh had. because he was good. he was really good. you look at our who we were our identity in beginning before harbaugh even got here. we were pretty much nothing. made it to the super bowl. the reason why we play this game, to make it to the super bowl. we did that. we didn't quite pull it off. but i must say, he was definitely a fantastic coach. >> that's a heck of a record
6:55 pm
that he has. that's a high expectation for the new coach. when you want to be looked at as one of the greatest coach. hopefully he looks forward to the challenge. >> with the harbaugh story dominating the headlines, there, of course is also another nfl head coaching job open in oakland. tony sparano hoping his skit with the raiders as the interim guy will be good enough for him to lose that label in place of the permanent one. >> all i'm doing right now is be the head coach of the raiders. how badly? very, very bad. this is my team. i left my team today. i'm looking forward to starting over again with them. those decisions will be made down the road. as far as anything else with me goes, i only have one concern right now is to be the head coach of the oakland raiders.
6:56 pm
>> ironically with harbaugh in michigan -- harbaugh was the raiders owner's top choice for that head coaching vacancy. of course the competition is stiff. a lot of hotshot young assistants out there that would love to have job. there's several head coaches fired today, rex ryan of the jets, mike smith of atlanta, marc trestman of chicago. this could be a long process over in oakland right now. >> the university of michigan they knew what they wanted came out and got them. i don't know if oakland had a chance. >> hey, all the alumni wanted harbaugh. everyone involved in that big blue program wanted jim harbaugh to come back. of course, he was a quarterback there. had a lot of success. his coaching record speaks for itself. thanks so much geraud. a full half hour of sports coverage you can watch comcast sportsnet bay area tonight at 10:30. tonight at 11:00, the victims of a coyote attack tell
6:57 pm
their story to nbc bay area at 11:00 after state of affairs. they say everyone does everything with a little more flash, including dress rehearsal. >> 3, 2, 1, happy new year! >> the cast of broadway's aladdin helped with the new years countdown. it looked like it worked. a blizzard of confetti will rain down on the hundreds of thousands of revelers expected to gather wednesday night. about 3,000 pounds of confetti as the ball drops at midnight. it's the kind of thing you have to dress up for and count down. >> you have to wear more clothes. it's going to be freezing. >> clear skies right now. that's going to leave us with 30s tomorrow morning and daytime highs in the 50s. more coming up on the big chill tonight at 11:00. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> see you at 11:00. good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
. chris rock's $70 million divorce, what blew up his 19-year marriage? >> we're tracking the breakup clues now on "extra." >> comedian chris rock drops divorce papers on his wife and he's been dropping hints for years in his stand-up routine. >> yes, i'm married, i'm married. >> that's not me there is a stage life and real life. >> plus more couple's news sophia and joe engaged? the rumor he popped the question in hawaii. the ah list invite to the kennedy honors meryl streep


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